Who is Speaking

NATO HQ Supreme Allied Command Transformation
Dubai Police Force
World Vision International
Stemke Consulting Group – USA
Tactical Training Group, Pacific, U.S. Navy—TACTRAGRUPAC
The University of Sydney
Change Agents Worldwide
KPMG International
Intelligent Answers (Founder of The Organisational Zoo)
SWOOP Analytics
Service NSW
South Australian Government Financing Authority
Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers
The Paige Group
Advance Knowledge Networks
Optimice Pty Ltd
National Indigenous Radio Service

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Morning Workshops
Workshop A: KM Principles in Action!
Facilitated by: Michael Hill, Common Operational Picture / Common Tactical Picture Mentor, Certified Knowledge Manager, Tactical Training Group Pacific, U.S. Navy
Workshop B: Driving Innovation through a Different Kind of Collaboration:
Dynamic Structured Conversation Techniques
Facilitated by: Marie O’Brien, Director, The Partnership People; Chair of NSW KM Forum
Brian Bailey, Technology Innovation Manager, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), University of Sydney
Workshop C: Change, Education, Training and Gaining Acceptance
Facilitated by: Andy Anderson, CIS Staff Officer, NATO HQ Supreme Allied Command Transformation

Afternoon Workshops
Workshop D: Designing a Next Generation SharePoint Knowledge Network
Facilitated by: Jeff Stemke, President, Stemke Consulting Group
Workshop E: World Vision International: Bringing Your Communities Together
Facilitated by: Jack Merklein, Director of Knowledge Management, Evidence and Learning, World Vision International
Workshop F: Accelerating Organisational Performance Outcomes through
Advanced Knowledge Leadership Practices
Facilitated by: Ibrahim Seba Al Marri, Director Knowledge Management, Dubai Police
Arthur Shelley, Intelligent Answers, Founder: The Organizational Zoo Ambassadors Network


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