Workshop A

Workshop A: KM Principles in Action! 

Facilitated by: Michael Hill, Common Operational Picture / Common Tactical Picture Mentor, Certified Knowledge Manager, Tactical Training Group Pacific, U.S. Navy

About the workshop:
Principles become powerful when experience transforms them from abstract concepts into familiar and useful tools. Rather than simply lecturing on Knowledge Management principles, this workshop will consist of activities that let you experience KM principles in action. Participants should leave with
a deeper understanding of how simple principles can guide successful KM programs.

Delegates will be introduced to Knowledge Management Principles and then practice applying them using both competition and collaboration in easily replicated exercises.
• Experience how applying principles can improve performance
• Observe how unspoken barriers impede learning
• Learn new techniques improve your KM program
• Learn to recognise explicit Knowledge Management indicators that hide in plain sight
• Participants will write, speak and do; dress comfortably to stand up, walk around and work with your hands!

About the workshop leader:
Michael Hill has over twenty years of unknowingly and later purposefully practicing Knowledge Management in the military and as a contractor.
An instructor for the United States Navy’s Afloat Knowledge Management Course for the last five years and team member of a repeat winner of the Department of the Navy’s Chief Information Officer KM Award at Tactical Training Group Pacific (TTGP), he trains naval officers for their role as Knowledge Management Officers.
The overall mission of TTGP is to train Carrier Strike Group and Amphibious Readiness Group staffs to integrate subordinate units, deploy and operate 24/7/365 in a limited bandwidth environment for months on end. Or in commercial terms, acquiring and integrating disparate companies that haven’t worked together before, moving them 12,000 miles, and then successfully operating and sustaining their workforces in an austere environment. Then return, divest them, and do it all over again with another set of new companies.
Mr. Hill has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the U.S. Naval Academy and a
Master’s from The Australian National University.