Workshop B

Workshop B: Driving Innovation through Collaboration

Facilitated by:
Marie O’Brien, Director, The Partnership People; Chair of NSW KM Forum @marsobrien

Brian Bailey, Technology Innovation Manager, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), University of Sydney @briney001

About the workshop:
In this workshop, Brian and Marie will take delegates through the journey of understanding how to address and solve complex organisational issues and drive innovation using structured conversations.

Using “Kodak” as the classic familiar case study of where, when and how these structured conversations could have been used to identify and embrace a successful future rather than clinging to products that had been successful in the past, the workshop will be structured so that the various conversation structures and techniques applied throughout the model will be practiced in the room
by participants so delegates can apply the model and replicate the conversational structures and techniques back in their workplace.

About the workshop leaders:
Marie has a varied career spanning public sector, private sector and a range of
industries, working with clients to build capability and culture to allow their people to deliver their best. This has involved projects including developing stakeholder engagement and influencing skills, implementing a deliverable-focused and cascaded performance management process, and delivering career resiliency programs for high potential employees. Over the past ten or so years Marie’s focus has been on helping clients leverage their existing knowledge and support the creation of new knowledge for better organisational outcomes.
Her passion for helping clients become Learning Organisations led her to establish and facilitate the Organisational Learning Community. Here people from different organisations came together to share, learn and prototype strategies and initiatives to build high performing Learning Organisations for sustainable success in a world of massive change. This included helping clients develop their Knowledge Framework to work with their existing culture and strengths, ensuring that the experience, knowledge and skills of their people are shared and built upon by each other to continually enhance performance.
Marie currently sits on the Australian Government Consultative Committee on Knowledge Capital (AGCCKC) and is the Chair of the NSW Knowledge Management Forum.
Brian manages educational innovation and technology for the University of Sydney’s largest faculty, with the goal of helping transform the curriculum to teach the skills required for the future of work. Key initiatives include an academic support and development program to enable academics to own emerging teaching innovation practices such as gamification, virtual and augmented reality, drones, and data visualisation techniques. Brian led Knowledge Management efforts at Optus, KPMG, Ernst & Young and Gadens Lawyers, before becoming part of that wave of KMers that had to stop using the term, so as to be able to get on with delivering business value at The Copyright Agency, Recordkeeping Innovation, and the University of Technology Sydney, before taking up his current role in late 2014. A former NSW President of
the Institute for Information Management, Brian holds a Masters Degree in Business Information Innovation and a Graduate Diploma in Document Management, both from RMIT. Brian thinks it’s finally safe to start talking about Knowledge Management again.