Workshop C

Workshop C: Change, Education, Training and Gaining Acceptance

Facilitated by: Andy Anderson, CIS Staff Officer, NATO HQ Supreme Allied Command Transformation

About the workshop:
Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) was created in 2002, in the overall process of reform of NATO’s command structure. SACT is one of NATO’s two strategic commanders and the commanding officer of Allied Command Transformation.

The SACT is responsible for NATO’s training and education programmes, which are designed to ensure that the Alliance has at its disposal staffs trained to common NATO standards and capable of operating effectively in a combined and joint force military environment.

Other tasks that come under the responsibility of the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation include:
• Managing commonly funded resources allocated for NATO’s transformation programmes in order to provide timely, cost-effective solutions for operational requirements;
• Supporting the exercise requirements of Allied Command Operations throughout their planning, execution and assessment phases.
In this workshop:
• Human aspects of change, education, training, acceptance and the associated KM challenges
• Keeping up with the policies
About the workshop leader:
Andy is the CIS Staff Officer at NATO HQ Supreme Allied Command Transformation, where he is responsible for defining the requirements and leading on the development of HQ SACT as a Knowledge Centric Organisation through the effective deployment of information and knowledge management systems.

Andy has worked on the management of information and knowledge in a wide
variety of posts and he was previously, the Chief of Staff at Capital Equipment Sales, based at Ministry of Defence, Abbeywood, Bristol UK.