Workshop D

Workshop D: Designing a Next Generation SharePoint Knowledge Network Platform

Facilitated by: Jeff Stemke, President, Stemke Consulting Group
About the workshop:
A next-generation KM platform uses mental models (visual maps) to accelerate learning by organizing concepts and relationships in the way an expert thinks. This model also makes it easy to find relevant knowledge or experts while facilitating capture of new experiences. A robust Q&A process fosters collaboration, provides just in time answers and includes metrics to track business value. This workshop will show you how add these capabilities in a SharePoint environment.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
• Integrate graphical maps that visualize expert mental models and accelerate learning
• Design an effective Q&A system with flexible categorisation and business value metrics
About the workshop leader:
Jeff Stemke was Chevron’s Knowledge Strategist, responsible for developing and
deploying knowledge-transfer processes, tools and behavior models. As architect of their global KM environment, Jeff was influential in facilitating best practice transfer that helped reduce operating costs by more than $2.5 billion per year. He designed a “problem-solving collaboration” system that enabled a global refining network to answer questions and share ideas that has generated over $100 million in cost savings.

He was also the architect of Chevron’s SharePoint system, delivering collaboration, document management and social networking capabilities to provide a step change in the way information is managed.

After 35 years with Chevron, Jeff launched the Stemke Consulting Group, a practice that teaches clients how to create extraordinary value from what they already know. He helps them accelerate competency, increase workforce performance, stimulate innovation and deliver measurable business
results in operating costs, revenue, quality, safety and reliability